Welcome to YON and VEDH'S Nature Cure Lifestyle Hospital

Restoring Health Through Naturopathy and Ayurvedha

YON and VEDH’S Nature Cure Lifestyle Hospital in Madurai is a sanctuary of holistic healing nestled in the heart of the city. With a perfect blend of traditional wisdom and modern advancements, this renowned institution offers a transformative experience for individuals seeking natural remedies and a balanced lifestyle. Surrounded by serene nature, the hospital provides personalized care, rejuvenating therapies, and expert guidance to unlock the body’s innate healing potential.
Healthcare Professionals

At YON and VEDH'S Nature Cure Lifestyle Hospital, our team of dedicated health care professionals is committed to providing compassionate care and expertise, guiding individuals towards optimal well-being and a harmonious lifestyle.

Medical Excellence

YON and VEDH'S Nature Cure Lifestyle Hospital is synonymous with medical excellence, where evidence-based practices and a deep understanding of nature's healing power merge to offer exceptional care and transformative outcomes for our valued patients.

Ancient Treatments

YON and VEDH'S Nature Cure Lifestyle Hospital takes pride in preserving and integrating ancient treatments into our comprehensive healthcare approach, unlocking the timeless wisdom of natural remedies to promote healing, rejuvenation, and holistic well-being.


” Hydrotherapy cleanses the body, yoga therapy harmonizes the mind, and Ayurveda nurtures the soul – together, they form a powerful trinity of holistic wellness”.
About us

Welcome to YON and VEDH'S Nature Cure Lifestyle Hospital

Located in the enchanting city of Madurai, YON and VEDH’S Nature Cure Lifestyle Hospital is a having of holistic healing and wellness. Our hospital offers a wide range of therapies and treatments, encompassing the essence of nature cure, to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. With a team of experienced professionals, we strive to provide personalized care and guidance to each individual, tailoring treatments to meet their specific needs and goals.


At our hospital, we believe in the power of nature and its ability to restore balance and vitality. We offer a comprehensive array of therapies, including hydrotherapy, yoga therapy, Ayurveda, therapeutic massage, diet therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy, mud therapy, magneto therapy, homeopathy, and chromotherapy. Whether it’s immersing oneself in the healing properties of water, finding inner harmony through yoga and meditation, or experiencing the profound benefits of ancient Ayurvedic practices, our diverse range of treatments aims to address the root causes of ailments and promote holistic well-being.


Our dedicated team of professionals combines ancient wisdom with modern advancements, ensuring that each therapy is delivered with utmost precision and care. With a serene and welcoming environment, YON and VEDH’S Nature Cure Lifestyle Hospital provides a sanctuary for individuals seeking natural remedies and a balanced lifestyle. Experience the transformative power of our therapies and embark on a journey towards optimal health and well-being with us.

Our Team


Dr P M Prithikha BNYS (Gold Medalist )


Consultant Naturopathy & Yoga
Health & Lifestyle Expert


Dr K S Nandeeswaran MBBS, DNB (Anaesthesiology)


YON and VEDH’S NatureCure LifeStyle Hospital


Dr K S Vigneshwaran BAMS, MS


Consultant Ayurvedic Physician, Specialised in Eye & ENT disorders


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Steam Bath
Shirodhara & Ayurvedic Massage
Immersion Bath Jacuzzi


At YON and VEDH’S Nature Cure Lifestyle Hospital, our focus is on achieving wellness through personalized health programs that cater to your unique needs. Our dedicated team designs each program to support your body holistically and promote healing. Upon arrival, our Health Counselor will conduct a pulse assessment to determine your mind/body type, enabling us to create a customized program that you can follow during your stay, ensuring a tailored and effective wellness experience.




Therapeutic Massage

Diet Therapy




Mud Therapy



Physio / Electro Therapy

Chromo Therapy

Helio Therapy

Plantain Leaf Bath

Steam Bath

Cupping Therapy

Dorn Therapy

Organ Detox Treatment

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What Customer Says

I visited Yon and Vedh's Hospital for a Back Pain problem. It was a very good experience during their Natural therapy as it was quite different from normal Treatments. The whole session was focused on back pain relief through various techniques and I felt a good positive difference after my first session of Treatment.Dr P M Prithikha BNYS is a Best Naturopathy Doctor in Madurai and naturopathy treatment for back pain

Sugan Sugan

Dr. P M Prithikha BNYS is a true expert in her field. Her yoga sessions at YONVEDH's NatureCure Hospital are incredibly rejuvenating. The detox treatment helped me feel revitalized, and the panchakarma treatment in Madurai was a transformative experience. Thank you!".

Devi Devi

Hello, I found Hydrotherapy sessions very effective and really helpful if one suffers from physio-related issues, They understand your problem and try to get you out of your issues lastly the Hydrotherapy pool is clean and hygienic everything from the shower area, and the bathrooms, the changing rooms, and it really helps if you have muscle issues Dr. P M Prithikha BNYS is very sweet and humble and provides best naturopathy treatment in Madurai. Thanks to Dr. Prithikha and all the other staff

Antony Visu

If looking for good health, just drop in for detox!! I Highly recommend this place. This is my second visit to Panchkarma. The therapist is excellent, the atmosphere uplifts ur conscience instantly, and the neat clean rooms The doctor Dr. P M Prithikha, and his team are very friendly and experienced. Really satisfied. Yon and Vedh's Hospital is the best in Panchakarma treatment in Madurai

Karthik AK

"I had an amazing experience at YONVEDH's NatureCure Hospital the best naturopathy hospital in Madurai. Dr. P M Prithikha BNYS is extremely knowledgeable and caring. The hydrotherapy sessions were so refreshing, and the aroma therapy added a wonderful touch to the treatments. Definitely worth visiting!"

19ACS RamZ u

Dr. P M Prithikha BNYS is a phenomenal naturopathy doctor at YON and VEDH'S NatureCure Lifestyle Hospital in Madurai. Her knowledge and expertise in natural healing methods are truly exceptional. I highly recommend her! She is the Best Naturopathy Doctor in Madurai

Saran Raj

Doctors clearly explained about the disease and gave treatments with superior care. In patient rooms are very comfortable. Diet therapy and morning yoga sessions are really awesome. Overall great place to detoxify and rejuvenate.

Jamuna Rani

Peacefull place to stay and take treatments. Hydrotherapy baths were really relaxing, I took regularly and my BP came to control, my ulcer completely cured after 15 days of diet at the hospital . Drs were caring and friendly.Thank you yon and vedh's and Dr Prithikha

Usha Maheswari

I visited this hospital for knee pain. Dr prithikha diagnosed the condition and provided treatment for 15 days. I stayed there as a inpatient and received natural diet therapy, knee packs, Ayurvedic procedures , therapeutic yoga & pranayama and acupuncture. Noticed Significant improvement of knee problem.Highly recommended for natural treatments.


I visited this hospital for knee pain. Good place to take rejuvenating massage and treatments are relaxing. Fantastic ambience. Detox therapies helped me to get rid of long time skin problems and facial pimples.